Patient Support Straps - Regular - Black Spine, Red V, Red Arms

Rockwest Industrial Sewing


Item Number: SEW-66C

Description: Patient Support Straps - Regular.  Color Scheme: Black Spine, Black V, Black Arms. Sold each.

  • "V" 60 inches overall length with a 70 - 80 degree "V" (stationary). X-Box stitched for optimum strength.
  • Center support (spine) 46 inches.
  • 3 horizontal body straps are adjustable and move up or down the spine.
  • Chest strap is 66 inches in length overall and is adjustable.
  • Mid-section strap is 58 inches in overall length and is adjustable.
  • Knee section strap is 54 inches in length and is adjustable.
  • Lower leg strap is 48 inches in length and stationary. X-Box stitched for optimum strength.
  • Heavy Velcro closures for secure patient holding strength.
  • Made from 2 inch Poly commercial grade nylon.
  • Attached Velcro closure makes storage a snap when not in use.

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