Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

Rockwest Medical



Item Number: 186

Description: Bloodborne Pathogen Kit. Sold each. The Rockwest Body Fluid Clean-up Kit is designed for protection against exposure to HIV, Hepatitis, and other Bloodborne
pathogens in body fluid spills. Quickly and safely remove contaminates and prevent the spread of infectious materials.

  • Personal protection for Bloodborne pathogens.


2 Antimicrobial (Sanidex) Towelettes, 1 ct. Item Number: 157
1 Microshield with Gloves Item Number: 162
1 Red Bio-hazard bag, Small - 4 gal. Item Number: 188A
1 Bio-hazard Ziplock
Item Number: 188B
1 Protective Mask, with Eye Shield Item Number: 190
2 Gloves, Latex, Large - Pair Item Number: 266J
1 Spill Powder Item Number: 192
1 Scoop/Scraper Item Number: 193
1 Exposure Control Gown, 1 ct. Item Number: 194


Collections: First Aid Kits

Category: Bloodborne

Type: First Aid Supplies

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