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Our Mission

 “Empowering people with disabilities by teaching skills and enhancing abilities through employment and involvement in their community to promote personal achievement."                                                          


PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS                                                                                           

   Respect - See worth and excellence in ourselves and in others                            

   Honesty - Be sincere, truthful, genuine, and fair                                               

   Trustworthy - Showing loyalty and worthy of trust

   Integrity - Ensure actions and behaviors illustrate talk                

   Responsibility - Accountable for own actions and can be relied upon

   Positive Reputation - Care and concern for all interactions and strive for a positive result

   Quality - Giving all to achieve excellence

   Efficiency - Performance is at its complete best in use of time, money, and resources

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Phone: 503-390-7355 

Fax: 503-390-2735


Address: 4646 Ridge Dr. NE Salem, OR 97301