Supported Community Employment

Rockwest offers employment opportunities for individualized placement in community businesses.  We provide job training and long-term support and follow-up.  The benefits to a business that places a Rockwest employees are many. A business can save on labor cost, insurance cost, training cost as well as get a highly motivated and responsible employee. In addition, Rockwest is a Rehabilitation Service Provider.  We provide assessments, on the job training and transitional services for clients of the Vocational Rehabilitation Division.

As a prospective employer, you are probably asking yourself "What would be the benefits in hiring a person with a disability?"

Rockwest can save your business money by conducting workplace assessments that allow you to restructure routine/basic tasks into one position and allow your more highly paid staff to focus on tasks that require their professional skills thereby allowing your business to operate in a more cost effective manner.

Rockwest can meet the needs of your business in a variety of ways.

Individual placement - You the employer hires an individual to work full time or part time. Rockwest provides complete training on the job site for as long as needed.  After that time, Rockwest will maintain twice monthly contact with you and is available at any time to retrain, or train on new tasks.

Co-worker or Job Share - You the employer contract with Rockwest to provide you with 2 to 4 employees who will share a position.  A job coach works through the day with these individuals.  Rockwest provides both the workers and the supervisor.  The employer agrees to pay the salary of the equivalent FTE(s) and company payroll expenses.  Rockwest provides all training and supervision, payroll, employee benefits and complete insurance coverage including worker's compensation.  

Contact LeAnna for more information: 503-390-7355